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What is your fee to collect a debt?

Our fee is set on a contingency basis. Statewide takes into account the size and age of the debt, as well as any specialized needs of our clients. No fee is charged until the debt is collected!

When does Statewide get paid?

Statewide is paid when a payment is made on the debt, not before.

What is my risk when you collect a debt for me?

There is absolutely no risk to you! You have nothing to lose by submitting your past due accounts receivable to Statewide, there is no fee until the debt is collected. It is a win-win situation.

How long does it take to collect a debt?

Once you choose Statewide, we begin the sweeping process to collect your debt. After an evaluation of the account, which includes the size of the debt and profile of the debtor, we make a determination as to the most expeditious way to proceed.

What do I need to do to submit a debt for collection?

We will need the following: name of the debtor, address, social security number, debt instrument (e.g. Invoice) and work information, if available. These vital facts aid us in collecting your debt.

How long should I wait before submitting a debt for collection?

The sooner you turn over your debts, the sooner we can begin to collect.

What is the oldest debt you will accept for collection?

This will be based on the statute of limitations in the state the debt arose. Most states range between 3-7 years. Please give us a call to discuss your state’s statute.

What if the debtor just won’t pay the debt?

An analysis of the debt would be made and an asset search would be considered. If there is evidence of sufficient assets that could be drawn on, then litigation would be a viable option.

Why would I employ a collection agency instead of a lawyer to collect my debts?

Statewide has the experience and expertise to collect your debt. An attorney may not have the time or personnel to devote to aggressively pursuing the debtor to collect your money.

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